About Krystal Campbell:

Krystal (Jones) Campbell is a Canadian documentary and street photographer based in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Her photographic passion is dedicated to working on long-term personal projects. She has a long-time desire to continue working and telling stories close to home in Canada, but also covering important topics abroad relating to humanitarian and environmental issues. Her ongoing project, Disconnected, has 

When she's not out photographing, she can be found outside enjoying winter in the quiet parts of Canada or summers on the lakes and spending time with her best friend, her dog Maddie.

Exhibitions and Workshops

2023 (Oct) - Eddie Adams Workshop XXXV, selected and participated

2020 (Mar) - Workshop with Nikos Economopoulos in Iquitos, Peru

2019 (Dec) - Workshop with Nikos Economopoulos at Miami Street Photography Festival

2019 (Oct) - Brussels Street Photography Festival, Street Photography Challenge Workshop with Ximena Echague, selected Main Exhibition at Centre Tour a Plomb

2019 (Oct) - Brussels Street Photography Festival, selected Women Street Photographers Group Exhibition at Muntpunt

2018-19 (Sept-Mar) - VII Photo Agency Masterclass Warsaw, selected and participated